Hello world!

January 15, 2017

Welcome to Rocky Mountain Fire Company. Please contact us at info@rmfc-usa.com or call at 406-239-2484 to arrange inspection of equipment, verification of personnel qualifications or inquire about our wildland fire training program. Also, if you have information to share we can do that.

Some news notes:

RMFC is recruiting Engine Boss, Firefighters and class A or B fallers for the 2017 fire season. RMFC will be fielding a Type II hand Crew, 4 type 3 engines and 3 Type 6 engines in 2017. Our primary fire base is Missoula MT


RMFC  in cooperating with Rick Grady and the National Wildfire Suppression Association put together a one day short course for contractors issues such as US DOL labor law, MT labor law, VIPR, SAM, dispatch  equipment inspections, Firefighter verifications, harasment in the work place, background checks and drug testing.  and a few more issues. We hope to put  an after action review following the 2017 fire season. If contractors are interested, give us a call at 406-239-2484.

We are open for business for our  2017 fire training and fire qualification verification programs. If you have any questions call Troy at 406-239-2484.

We have installed a new fire training center at 415 North Higgins #9  in Missoula MT Next to Wordens Deli. Several  RT-130 and FFT2 classes will be held there in 2017. Class size is restricted to 12-15 persons however we intend to increase class frequency during 2017. The Training center will also see considerable use as we up date RMFC  personnel.


We are changed out the hose load in our type 3 engines to be better equipped for initial attack, direct attack and point protection. Hose bed includes 1 each 1 1/2″  x 200′ triple fold lay with 3/8″ tips and  A 4-pack combination 1,000′ progressive lay. This worked very well in the 2014 fire season – Washington, Oregon, and California.  We also used up a case of wax to shine like bling alongside the California agency trucks.  It pays to look good.

We have  adding Apple I-Pad Minnie II to our engines and Type 2 Hand Crew  to improve data communications, GPS, time reporting and photos. We think the future is here now.

Montana appears to be headed for El Nino again. We expect a slow melt this spring and a dry fall. If the cutoff low develops to the sout and we get a southern flow aloft we expect more lightning. big if.

The Cheat grass will be a bumper crop in southern Idaho, Eastern Oregon, Utah and Nevada. We are putting machettes on the engines to cut through the grass!

As the Montana Representative on the National Wildfire Suppression Association, I attended the national convention in Reno. This 2-day event  is an excellent source of useful current information. Agency representatives, fire weather forecasters and the Department of Labor were in attendance.

The NWSA is a sound organization. First year membership is free. We urge contractors to consider taking advantage of the services offered by membership.  Be safe!.